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background differential pressure
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DPD832 in standard housing
DPD832 in standard housing
DPD832 in standard housing
Private Label Solution DPD832
OEM Product Range

DPD830, DPD831, DPD832

Field adjustable, multi-range and multi-output differential transmitters

The DPD series pressure transmitters are engineered for static and differential pressure measurements for air and non-aggressive gases in the HVAC industry. They offer high accuracy, user selectable ranges, output and damping at a competetive price.
Its low current consumption allows true two wire operation in 4-20 mA output configuration, even with display option.


▸ user selectable configuration via DIL switch:
 ▸ 16 uni- and bidirectional ranges in Pa and InWC
 ▸ 0-10 V or 4-20 mA output configuration
 ▸ damping: 0,5 s, 2 s, 4 s and 8 s
▸ zero pushbutton
▸ display as option

Technical Data

Supply voltage
24 VAC ± 10%, 16-32 VDC, quiescent current: <4 mA at 32 VDC
Sensor element
piezoresistive pressure sensor
max. ±1,2% FS respectively ±4 Pa at measuring ranges lower than 250 Pa
Zero point calibration
Operating temperature
-10..+60 °C
Load and shunt resistance
0-10 V: min. 20 kΩ; 4-20 mA: max. 450 Ω at 24 VDC
Process connection
2x 5,5 mm
DoC according to EN61326:2013, EMC directive 2014/30/EU
Calibration certificate
on demand

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Model Summary

Measuring ranges
9000 1830
0..100 Pa, -100..+100 Pa, 0..300 Pa, -300..+300 Pa, 0..500 Pa, -500..+500 Pa, 0..1000 Pa, -1000..+1000 Pa
0..0,4 InWC, -0,4..+0,4 InWC, 0..1,2 InWC, -1,2..+1,2 InWC, 0..2,0 InWC, -2,0..+2,0 InWC , 0..4,0 InWC, -4,0..+4,0 InWC
0-10 V/4-20 mA
9000 1831
0..1000 Pa, -1000..+1000 Pa, 0..1200 Pa, -1200..+1200 Pa, 0..2500 Pa, -2500..+2500 Pa, 0..5000 Pa, -5000..+5000 Pa
0..4,0 InWC, -4,0..+4,0 InWC, 0..5,0 InWC, -5,0..+5,0 InWC, 0..10,0 InWC, -10,0..+10,0 InWC , 0..20,0 InWC, -20,0..+20,0 InWC
0-10 V/4-20 mA
9000 1832
0..300 Pa, -300..+300 Pa, 0..500 Pa, -500..+500 Pa, 0..1000 Pa, -1000..+1000 Pa, 0..2500 Pa, -2500..+2500 Pa
0..1,2 InWC, -1,2..+1,2 InWC, 0..2,0 InWC, -2,0..+2,0 InWC, 0..4,0 InWC, -4,0..+4,0 InWC , 0..10,0 InWC, -10,0..+10,0 InWC
0-10 V/4-20 mA

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 Sample DPD830 (100/300/500/1000 Pa)
 Sample DPD831 (1000/1200/2500/5000 Pa)
 Sample DPD832 (300/500/1000/2500 Pa with LCD)

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